Little Pearl

Mahdi was an early riser. Therefore his mom always picked him, out of the six kids, to walk to the bakery to pick up fresh bread for breakfast. He remembers the birds singing and the beautiful scent of jasmine. His mind being so fresh in the morning, he would have many adventures on his way to the bakery, some real and some just in his head.
Living on the West Coast of Canada gave Mahdi many occasions to watch drops of rain hitting the ocean  surface. He was always curious about what happened to these drops of rain and if any of them ever wanted to explore the vastness of the sea.
Mahdi imagined what could possibly happen if any of these drops had the will and the patience to make it all the way to the bottom of the sea. What if one of these drops, once it reached the ocean bed, joined forces with other life forms to create something only one in a million can achieve?

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