About the author
Mahdi was born in one of the busy neighborhoods of Tehran.  He spent his childhood playing football (soccer) from dawn to dusk in narrow alleys. He remembers the joy of family gatherings, of sharing, and listening to the many tales told by his elders. At the age of twenty-two he moved to Holland where he sustained himself by flipping pancakes at a beach side cafe.  Mahdi then moved to Canada, attracted by its multiculturalism and the prospect of learning English.  Settling first in Montreal however, he learned more French than English. Mahdi currently resides in Vancouver, B.C. where he was inspired to begin writing by author and illustrator Stefan Czernecki. He also enjoys painting native and Iranian art. Mahdi meditates every morning after he gets up, to remind himself to use his little power wisely and to share all the blessings he has been given.  Mahdi continues to create new stories as he goes to sleep at night.
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